What type of vehicles do you buy?
We buy all makes and models up to 10 years old and less than 230,000 km.
However, we can't buy deleted diesels, rebuilt, or salvage vehicles.

What condition should the vehicle be in?
We buy all makes and models, as long as the vehicle runs, has no fame or major body, motor, or rust damage. Vehicles needing minor repairs to the motor, transmission, or body are acceptable. Full disclosure is appreciated, last thing we want is a surprise when we show up. We don’t like to haggle or negotiate, all this is minimized with full transparency on the vehicles condition.

How will I get paid and how long does it take?
The entire process takes about half an hour. Upon arrival a team representative will do a walk around the vehicle to ensure it is as mentioned both cosmetically and mechanically. We will do a test drive to the local ATB and have a bank draft made and give you a ride back to finish the bill of sale.

What happens if I still owe money or have a lease on my vehicle?
The day before we come pick up the vehicle, please have the final payout amount ready. We will go to the dealership, or bank together to pay off the amount for you, and give you a bank draft for the remainder.

How do I ask Questions?

By asking them!